We are leading manufacturers, wholesale suppliers and exporters of Metal Beds including Brass Beds from India.
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Bedroom is like one's own private territory, one's own crest and haven. It is ambience to which you wake to face the day and it is the setting which soothes you to sleep as night falls. Bed is the focal point of the room that gives out the first impression of its décor. Whether your choice of bedroom furniture is a timeless traditional piece or a contemporary expression of genre and elegance, it speaks your penchant and style. Decorate a bedroom with something you love. Whether soothing neutrals, soft pastels, calming blues, or restful greens, the room should reflect the things that make you happy. After all, this room is for you. It's your room make it special with our range of. Beauty, design integrity and an unconventional testimony of enduring good taste together personify our priceless range of beds which exude art perfected with years of experience. For beauty and versatility our range of metal beds enhances any style of interior, from masculine simplicity to fairytale feminine fantasy. We are manufacturer and exporter of brass beds, brass beds components, building hardware, bedroom furniture and we excel in sheet metal carving. Visit our latest hardware series at www.chananaenterprises.com

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